Commercial Oven and Stove Repair in Asheville

When your commercial oven or stove breaks down, your whole kitchen comes to a stand-still as a result. When you need an oven repaired, it has to be done quickly – and right the first time. At JK Food Equipment, we can get to your restaurant or commercial kitchen fast to diagnose and repair your oven problems. We’ve been serving commercial kitchens in Asheville, Hendersonville, Waynesville, Burnsville, and Marion for twenty years, and we know how to approach commercial oven repair with efficiency and expertise.


How Long Does a Commercial Oven Last?

When you purchase a new commercial oven, it would be great if you knew just how long it was going to last. Unfortunately, there are many factors that a commercial oven’s lifespan depends upon. For example, a gas oven and stovetop will last longer than an electric unit. Additionally, how heavy the usage of the unit is will play a significant part in how long it lasts. Perhaps the biggest factor though, is how the oven is maintained. A properly maintained commercial oven can last between 15 and 20 years.


How Often Should a Commercial Oven Be Cleaned?

Preventative maintenance is essential when it comes to commercial ovens. The biggest part of oven maintenance is proper cleaning. When your oven isn’t cleaned regularly, you’re more likely to have performance problems, flavor issues with your food, and even smoke. You can easily avoid these problems with regularly scheduled cleanings.

First, the over interior should be cleaned immediately if there is a spill.  Spills require immediate cleaning because they can become more difficult to clean at the end of the day, after they have been cooked into the oven interior.  Spills also have negative effects on oven performance, which may throw off a well-functioning kitchen.

Second, make sure to clean your oven interior at least once everyday.  Most commercial ovens can be cleaned with a detergent, but check your owner’s manual in case the oven demands a different cleaner.  Any leftover crumbs should be cleaned away – these leftovers are what cause flavor and smoke issues, since the crumbs cook further, mixing their aroma with whatever is presently cooking.  Overcooked crumbs eventually burn, resulting in smoke.  Also, be sure to remove your oven racks and clean them separately.  The racks can be dunked in a hot tub of water and boiled with soap to remove especially difficult grime.

Third, make sure to perform a more significant clean at least once a month.  Even if you clean daily, some food particles, chunks, and spills may have been left behind, and these can become extremely difficult to remove using your daily cleaning procedures/detergent.  Your owner’s manual should describe the best deep cleaning procedures and the safest chemicals for your particular oven.


What Are the Most Common Issues of Commercial Ovens and Stovetops?

There are various problems that you may run into with your commercial oven or stovetops. Many of them can be resolved quickly by one of our knowledgeable technicians. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Temperature isn’t accurate – If you are finding that your food is coming out of the oven overcooked or undercooked, then it’s likely that you have a faulty thermostat. It may need to be recalibrated or replaced. A technician can quickly determine how to resolve the issue.
  • Food isn’t cooked evenly – Again, this is likely a thermostat problem. An improperly installed or faulty thermostat can cause unevenly cooked food, unreliable temperature readings, and dissatisfied customers.
  • The pilot light won’t stay lit – When your oven or stove’s pilot light won’t stay lit, it may be caused by a faulty safety valve or thermocouple.

When any of the above happens in your commercial kitchen, you can trust JK Food Equipment to diagnose and repair your oven or stovetop quickly and professionally.

Why Choose JK Food Equipment for Commercial Oven Repair?

When your commercial oven or range isn’t working properly, we understand you need solutions fast. JK Food Equipment is your solution. Our technicians are fast and thorough and will get your oven up and running in no time. Contact us at (828) 545-1217 for service or repair of your commercial oven today.

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Commercial Oven Brands We Repair

We service and repair many different brands of commercial ovens, including these major brands:

  • Vulcan
  • Hobart
  • Wolf
  • Jade
  • Garland
  • US Range
  • Sunfire
  • Turbochef
  • Baxter, Bakers Pride
  • Moffat
  • Avantco
  • Blodgett
  • Berkel
  • JAC
  • Oliver