Commercial Espresso Machine Repair in Asheville

Coffee drinkers these days expect far more than just filter coffee when they order a cup, and you want to be able to give them something that they will love. A commercial espresso machine allows you to do just that. But there may be times that you need commercial espresso machine service or repairs to keep your customers’ cups full. At JK Food Equipment, we have years of experience working with many different types and complexities of commercial espresso machines.


How Do You Install a Commercial Espresso Machine?

The perfect cappuccino or latte is a delicious form of art, and espresso drinkers are discerning about the look and flavor of their beverages. That’s why you should have your commercial espresso machine installed by a professional. Doing so will ensure that your machine is installed properly and that every cup you serve is high-quality.


How Much Does a Commercial Espresso Machine Cost?

Commercial espresso machines are available from simple models up to complex and scientific units. You can find units that perform every espresso-related task there is – they can grind coffee beans, brew espresso, and even add syrups automatically.

That variety means that the price of commercial espresso machines also varies widely. You might expect to spend about $1,000 for a basic commercial model, and as much as $40,000 for a top-of-the-line machine. The cost will depend on the specific tasks you want the espresso machine to complete and how many cups of coffee it can prepare in a day.


How Long Does a Commercial Espresso Machine Last?

Another aspect of commercial espresso machines that varies widely is how long they last, and the biggest factor is how they are maintained. Whether your machine lasts one year or 15 will depend on usage and how much attention you give to its maintenance and cleaning.

As with any business that serves food or beverages, it’s essential that you are prepared to perform daily maintenance on commercial equipment. It not only ensures that your customers are safe and satisfied, but it also helps extend the lifespan of your machines.

Commercial espresso machines must be cleaned each day after they are used. How deeply you clean the machine depends on how many cups you’ve prepared with it – which can be different with different manufacturers. Make sure that you know what daily maintenance is recommended for your specific model and your specific espresso volume.

Backflushing your commercial espresso machine is essential and it should be done using detergent every night when shifts are over. Even when your kitchen is only opened for a few hours for a holiday or other reason, you need to prevent the residue and grime from building up on shower screens, filter baskets, and group heads. Additionally, at least once a week you should thoroughly clean baskets and portafilters by soaking them in water and the recommended detergent. Always be sure that you rinse everything well – no one wants to taste detergent with their latte.

Why Choose JK Food Equipment for Commercial Espresso Machine Repair?

At JK Food Equipment, we are experts in repairing and maintaining commercial espresso machines and other major commercial kitchen appliances. Our team of professionals offers fast and thorough service for espresso machine repair. Contact us today at (828) 545-1217, and we will have you brewing the perfect cup in no time.

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Our technicians have experience working on commercial espresso machines from various major brands, including:

  • Cecilware
  • Bunn
  • Astoria
  • La Pavoni
  • Nuova Simonelli
  • Cecilware
  • Astra
  • La Marcoza