Commercial Dishwasher Repair and Maintenance in Asheville

You can’t run a restaurant without a commercial dishwasher that’s working properly. You can’t feed your incoming customers when there aren’t clean dishes in the kitchen. That’s why a commercial dishwasher is a key component of every restaurant and commercial kitchen. If it isn’t working right, there may be mechanical parts that are wearing out and need to be repaired or replaced. Is it time for you to make a maintenance call to JK Food Equipment?


How Does a Commercial Dishwasher Work?

There are many different variations and brands of commercial dishwashers available today, making it easy for restaurants and commercial kitchens to find the right one for their businesses. Generally speaking, there are two types of dishwashers that are used commercially, high temperature and low temperature. The two work differently.


High Temperature Commercial Dishwasher

A high temperature commercial dishwasher uses super-heated water to clean dishes. It reaches a temperature of 180 degrees for rinsing (which is the standard set by the National Sanitation Foundation for high temp dishwashers). The water is hot enough to not only clean, but also to sanitize the dishes, so there isn’t any sanitizing solution needed. High temp dishwashers also have a flash dry feature that allows them to dry dishes very quickly after the washing cycle is finished.


Low Temperature Commercial Dishwasher

Low temperature commercial dishwashers are unlike high temp ones because they use sanitizing chemicals instead of very hot water to clean and sanitize dishes. With low temp dishwashers, there is less steam and heat required which means it’s safer for employees to use. Additionally, low temp dishwashers use less energy to operate than high temp dishwashers because the water doesn’t have to be so hot.

There are also various styles of commercial dishwashers, including:

  • Undercounter
  • Door type
  • Conveyer dishwashers
  • Glasswashers

Whatever type and style of commercial dishwasher your business uses, technicians at JK Food Equipment can help you with service and repair.


How Much Does a Commercial Dishwasher Cost?

Because there is such a variety of types, styles, and sizes of commercial dishwashers, prices also vary widely. It’s important to consider the dishwashing needs of your business to determine which type and style of dishwasher you’ll need. Some commercial dishwashers can wash up to 400 racks of dishes per hour. That type of dishwasher is going to require a much bigger investment than one that does only 35 racks per hour.


How Long Should a Commercial Dishwasher Last?

Just like other commercial restaurant equipment, dishwashers will last longer when they are properly cared for. With commercial dishwashers, that means changing the tank water regularly, cleaning or replacing the filter when needed, and washing out the unit will extend the lifespan. Typically, properly maintained commercial dishwashers can last 15 years or longer.


Why Choose JK Food Equipment for Commercial Dishwasher Repair?

We provide our customers with fast and reliable commercial dishwasher repair and service in Asheville and the surrounding areas. We know that a broken commercial dishwasher can seriously impact the efficiency of your kitchen. We can get to your business quickly and resolve the problem, getting your kitchen back to functioning effectively as soon as possible. Contact JK Food Equipment for all your commercial dishwasher needs.

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Commercial Dishwasher Brands We Repair

At JK Food Equipment, we service and repair many types of dishwashers. Some of the brands we work with are:

  • Hobart
  • Champion
  • Moyer Diebel
  • Jackson
  • CMA
  • Hubble
  • Hatco
  • Salvajor
  • Insinkerator

We also repair booster heaters by Hubble, Coates, and Hatco, and offer new dishwasher sales and installation from Moyer Diebel. Additionally, you can obtain A.L.C.O. Supply detergent, rinse aid, and sanitizer from our technicians.